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For almost 18 years,UNIQUE MODELLER GROUP Architectural & Engineering model maker have worked with architects, engineers and developers alike to develop high-quality marketing models, ranging from study models to fully detailed presentation models. UNIQUE MODELLER GROUP models have special expertise in constructing fully landscaped presentation models, detailed interiors, Contour, exhibition models and prototype samples with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail, even to the smallest scale. We do not only provide finely crafted models at a very competitive price, but we are also aware of the time requirements of our clients. Credibility is important to us and we at Protopage Mdc Models are proud to say, that all of our past projects were delivered on or before the due time. Our models stimulate the mind and change people's preconceptions. UNIQUE MODELLER GROUP brings to life projects that have only been seen as 2D sketches or rendered drawings. These are not just models but real buildings. Scaled physical models are the ultimate way of communicating a scheme quickly and easily. Viewing a design in three dimensions brings understanding to a level that all can appreciate. We believe that our models are good marketing tools, which can add depth to any proposed projects, in a timely and cost effective manner. Models are the physical representations of the architect's creativity. Models are what you perceive with your senses as the future manifestation of your creation. Models are the language of the creative professionals to convey their designs to clients. Models in other words bring to life mere lines on paper.

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