Getting Online

Having a digital presence i.e a website is an effective way for a business to be discoverable online. If you are a location-based business, like Hotel, Restaurant, Salon, Spa, Retail store, Education institution, Gym, Manufacturer, Supplier etc you can’t afford to ignore online presence. 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. In today’s fast-changing and competitive business world, you need to be at par with not only your competition but also marketing trends. You might be doing well today, but attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones is the key to long term success. Due to the advent of mobile browsers, customers now look for businesses on the go. Online presence not only boosts your customers’ trust but also brings them from the Internet to your offline stores.

Product Offering

We are a SAAS (Software as a Service) based company that helps businesses grow bigger by getting them online and discovered by their potential customers, without any technical knowledge.
“Online Discovery Packaged” as a dynamic website, with integrated e-commerce solution and Ai-Powered Local Search Optimisation Technology, all into one easy to use platform.

#An Innovative “plugin” to convert a customer’s existing website into an online discovery platform. #“Multi-location solution” for a multi-location company to attract more customers and grow their business using our Automated Local Search Optimisation Technology.
Gostag is much more than a website builder. Though it designs a beautiful dynamic website in minutes, it focuses more on getting customers to your website.

GoLocall offers “Online Discovery Platform” packaged as a feature packed dynamic website with Ai-Powered Local Search Optimisation Technology which is one of the unique and exclusive systems.
You can keep your existing website and still use GoLocall’s technology. We have a “plugin” that is integrated to your website and also make it an “Online Discovery Platform”, giving your business website higher search results and increased traffic. The Ai-Powered Local Search Optimisation Technology gets you found locally as well as globally.

It is a powerful integrated system that not only help your customers find your business but also give real-time tracking to measure and improve your marketing strategy
For such businesses that are spread over different cities/ states or have multi-city branches can utilize our “Multi-location solution” which is designed for a multi-location company to attract more customers and grow their business using our Ai-Powered Local Search Optimisation Technology.

You don’t need to create a different website for different business location. With GoLocall product “Multi-Loc” all your locations will get powerful online presence and visibility. All location can be individually managed as well as from the admin manage panel. That means you can update not only for a particular location but also for all location altogether.

Getting Started with GoLocall

We need

Company Name:
Owner Name:
Business Address:
Contact Number:
Business Category:

Once you submit these details in our platform your website is ready. Now you can personalize/ customize your website as per your business and your preference. Keeping your business and customers in mind, upload products, images, description and other business relevant information on your website.
The general belief among small businesses is “getting online and have a strong online presence is complicated, time-consuming and expensive.” But with GoLocall your website will be up and live within 15 minutes. You can build your own business website without any technical knowledge and manage it yourself like a pro.
The general belief among small businesses is “getting online and have a strong online presence is complicated, time-consuming and expensive.” But with GoLocall your website will be up and live within 15 minutes. You can build your own business website without any technical knowledge and manage it yourself like a pro.
You never need any technical knowledge to manage any of our products. You will be given training on managing them which is as easy as using FB or Whatsapp. We also offer our premium add-on service “GoAssist” FREE for the first 3 months. Moreover, we give lifetime customer support to all of our valued customers.
Sure! If you already have a Facebook page, we can create a complete website from FB feeds. We pull the last few feeds from your Facebook page and create entries on your GoLocall business website.
You can also choose to keep pulling feed from the Facebook page. So that every time you update it, your GoLocall website gets updated too. And your Facebook posts now become discover-able by location.

Managing and Adding Content

You don’t need to learn anything complicated at all. Within minutes you will learn how to manage and update your GoLocall website. With our lifetime customer support service, your queries and problems will be resolved in no time.

Getting Started with Plugin

We require your existing website’s cPanel access and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) details to integrate our Plugin into your website. If don’t have any idea about it, you can get this information from your website’s developer. After successful integration, you will be given exclusive access to manage GoLocall services. You can update it through smartphone or web-portal. Your updates

Managing Updates

To drive more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, you need to give visitors a reason to keep coming back. Your content needs to be regular and relevant. To get maximum value from your GoLocall business website, we advise businesses to update content, in the form of business updates, offers or product catalogs, (or documenting or journaling your business) 2-3 times a week regularly.
No. With GoLocall all you need to do is to type your content/ upload any product/ gallery and "update". GoLocall technology will take care of rest of the things. Whenever you have an offer or information regarding your business, to share with your customers, you don't need to find a developer or a designer. You simply have to update your website using the app or web portal.
It is best for your business if you manage your content yourself, but as business owners are focused on managing their business they face time crunch. Therefore, we have an add-on premium service named GoAssist in which our team updates your website on your behalf under your guidance/ direction.
Keep your audience in mind when you’re writing content on your website. Your content should be written in a way the majority of people can understand. Our customers are advised to update without worrying about the keywords or anything technical. GoLocall technology will take care of the rest.

Business description, speciality to special discounts, the festival offers and new product/ service launch, photographs of events in your business or anything related to your business etc can be updated.

Or you can just “Journal Your Busines”. Documenting your business in written and pictorial form has great advantages. It educates, engage, and address your customers’ needs. You show your personality and solidify your brand persona. And It also opens up your mind to new business opportunities.
Consumers search or make queries with the help of words and phrases, which are better known as keywords, in search engines. These Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. To help search engines find your business website, they need content. Websites which are updated regularly with relevant data are given more importance by search engines when it comes to search queries and results.

Customers trust those businesses that have a website. But creating a website is not enough. Your website needs to update the content on a regular basis to connect and engage your customers as well as for better search engine results.

Below are some stats that confirms the importance of Updating/ blog posting for your business

#Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

#Using images in blog posts gets 94% more views

#66% of B2B marketers who use blogs generate more leads than those who don’t.

#Companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages.

#Companies that blog have 55% more visitors to their websites.

#B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads compared to those who don’t.

#Blogs increase website traffic by up to 6x.

#Small businesses that blog see 126% more lead growth than the businesses that don’t. location altogether.
As we recommend 2-3 updates around your business weekly for best results. We also suggest to “journal your business” i.e documenting your business activities in written and pictorial form.

You don’t have to be creative, intellectual or witty to journal around your business. Just write the way you naturally talk to your customers. You can update about

# Your business activities.- events, functions, celebrations, participation, collaboration, community events, accomplishments etc
# Your decisions.- to launch a new product, start a new branch etc
# Your thoughts- How much you value your customers etc
# Business relevant information- how your products are different/ better, how they are made, how you have improved the quality of your products and services etc

It will bring more transparency and connect you better with your customers. This way you will be motivated to update regularly without running out of updates ideas.
It is not always about the race to get top of the search engines. It will also make you a much better businessman. But don’t get carried away. Be relevant and write only around your business and Write the things you want to share with the world or your customers.

Getting Discovered

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines. GoLocall ensures that when your potential customers do a web-search around your business, your website comes on the first page, ahead of your competitors.
And when you get discovered first, you have a lead over your competitors in getting this potential customer. Your customers will contact you through a phone call, call back request, SMS/ Whatsapp or simply the customer walking into your offline store or business premises.
For a location-based small business that has a retail presence and works offline is more relevant to the local customers. So we ensure that your business website is discovered by your customers around your business location, in the search results.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that location-based business is only searched by local customers. Exporters and B2B businesses that are location-based can have customers from anywhere around the world. Our technology also ensures they are discovered by customers not only locally but globally.

When people want to research, they search for products or services. But when they have intent to purchase, they search for the products or services in particular locations.

Below are the few facts to highlight the importance of Local search optimization technology

# 72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.
# 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps.
# 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.
# 18% of location-based mobile searches result in a sale within one day.
There is no exact answer to this. The results vary industry to industry. We take responsibility for improved search results within 45-90 days. This is called organic web traffic.
The business simply updates the website and our technology ensures it becomes discoverable. As we recommend you to update your website with relevant information around your business. You have to just present it like you would talk to your customers without worrying about anything technical. That's all.

Keywords and phrases in web content make it possible for people to find your website via Search Engines. Our technology takes care of finding the right keywords from your content and ensuring the search engines recognize it.

We also give you an option to add keywords of your choice. This enables relevant and better rankings in search results.
GoLocall’s online discovery platform is designed in such a way that no manual or technical SEO is required for getting higher ranking on search engines. The business simply updates the website and our technology ensures it becomes discoverable. So you never need any type of SEO services.

All you need to do is update (or journal your business) your website regularly with business related information. With Golocall you can witness the best result of SEO without wasting your money and time.

Consumers search or make queries with the help of words and phrases, which are better known as keywords, in search engines. These Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. To help search engines find your business website, they need content.

Websites which are updated regularly with relevant data are given more importance by search engines when it comes to search queries and results. location altogether.
"Organic traffic" is traffic that comes to your website as a result of unpaid search results. The core of our platform is to increase the organic traffic of your business website. 95% of all users click on the first page of Google. The statistics say that 70-80% of the people ignore the paid search (Google Adwords) results and click on the organic search result. Essence foundation Though it takes time but will surely save you a ton of money and effort in the long run. Along with efforts of updating your GoLocall website regularly and relevantly by you/ GoLocall team (We take responsibility of improved search results within 45-90 days), the GoLocall technology do wonders and generate the best search engine results.

Engaging Customers

The enquiry form/ request a callback/ contact widget allows the customers on the website to send a direct business enquiry to you. The enquiry is delivered to your phone or email address, giving you the potential lead.
GoLocall has a subscription facility like newsletters/ blog posts/ updates, which your customers can use. After subscription, every time the business updates the website, the update is delivered to the customers’ email. We also have an integrated web push notification and bulk SMS feature for your marketing campaigns.

Your updates i.e blogs are the best way to connect and engage with your new as well as existing customers.

Additional Features and Services

Absolutely! Every GoLocall website comes ready for business and it is as good as any e-commerce store. Product catalogs, shopping carts, checkout pages and payment gateways are standard with every website. Enable your customers to conveniently place orders and complete the purchasing process using different payment methods
Yes. We have many premium add-ons tab, which you can be purchased additionally. To purchase any add-on, you need to get in touch with GoLocall Team, which will help you in the process.
Inorganic traffic is the traffic you receive from advertisements like Google Adwords, Facebook ads etc. Off course getting organic traffic is the best option, but it is not always as easy and takes time. GoLocall “GoXpress” is a premium add-on which drives inorganic web traffic to your website using different channels like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, video marketing etc. GoXpress is one of the fastest ways to help your business quickly reach your target audience and get more

Pricing & Support

GoLocall products are not at all expensive. They are much reasonable than market standard pricing. Keeping the small businesses in mind we have put in as much value as possible in our products. We provide much more value than the price we are taking. Our products will save you a lot of money in the long run as well as help you make more money from your business also.
No, you don’t have to pay anything extra for web hosting. Unlimited hosting is included in all our products. And we assure you that your website is secure, always available, and loads with lightning speed.
GoLocall is an online discovery platform which provides a powerful online presence to SMEs. Unlike an online marketplace or other business listing websites, our online discovery platform promotes your OWN BUSINESS WEBSITE and pushes it to the first page of major search engines.

The available resources in the market like developers, Agencies, Web-portals/directories make you dependent on them. Moreover, you are paying business directories and such other marketplaces to list yourself against your competitors. You don’t have your own identity, you are just one of the 100s of business listed in their platform. You will always be dependent on these marketplaces, local business listing sites and local search engines for getting customers and growing your business.

But with GoLocall you and your business are never dependent on other platforms, not even on GoLocall. This is one of the greatest features of GoLocall that always keep you in an advantageous position.

They sell you leads at a premium price. And they sell the same leads to all of your competitors also. We never sell you leads, instead, we make your website a lead generation platform. We help your business rank on top of search engines, organically and automatically. When you rank higher and get strong visibility, your business website gets more traffic. Whatever the leads generated will be organic that means no paid schemes. Whoever visits your website, will contact you directly. We don’t mediate or track your potential customers.

We help SME’s build their local as well as a global presence through digital platforms & target and engage with their potential customers. That means we ensure small businesses get a powerful online presence and grow by getting discovered by potential customers.

All our tools are designed keeping SMEs and their problems in mind. Our products allow businesses to take more control of their own online presence. They are so easy to use that users can use them without any technical knowledge or depending on developers and experts.

GoLocall makes technology so simple that you can stay focused on running your business.

Why work harder when you can work smarter. Let our smart tools help you manage and grow your business.
We accept cashless as well as a cash payment. Our products are based on yearly subscription model. Customers need to renew their product subscription annually.
GoLocall tech experts and developers take care of all the maintenance and search-engine optimisation updates. With GoLocall, you never have to worry about ever-changing technology.
Our system is designed to assist in managing them along with the associated renewal processes. A key part of the system is to notify and escalate problem/ issues before they become very expensive. Our automated contract renewal system makes sure you never miss a renewal. You can get in touch with GoLocall or it’s Partner anytime to get your GoLocall products & services renewal.
If you are not satisfied with GoLocall products and service you can discontinue your subscription. You can contact GoLocall team for discontinue process.

If you don’t renew your subscription your login access will be blocked and GoLocall support will be removed from the product. After this, the website will be an ordinary website and your ranking and online visibility will decline.