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Meet Our Principal

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Dear All 

Life is a precious gift for those who can find true meaning in it. Life is a hard task master, but not for those are resolute and persevering. In today's fast moving and sternly competitive world, it is imperative that children inculcate self- discipline which is an indiscipline Prerequisite for achieving any sort of excellence, personal or professional, material or spiritual. To be able repudiate immediate pleasure and instant satisfaction, in favour of achieving indelible and meaningful contentment, is the first step to empower our selves with the virtue of self- discipline. One misconception about being disciplined is that it necessitates narrow and restrictive life style.But that is not true. We do not have to give up on fun and leisure for being self- disciplined. We only have to focus and give right direction to our mind and also implies nurturing a mindset that is driven by discreet and deliberate choices ans not by fits and emotions or peer pressure. At the same time our children need to appreciate the value of balanced and overall personality development. As it is important to work assiduously to excel in academics, So it is to perspire on the fields. brimming with youthful energy, our children must reach out to make all their dreams come true. Fortunate to be studying in such a remarkable institution, which has an imposing infrastructure and that offers all rounded education with a plethora of co-curricular activities packed with so much fun and creativity. our children should extract the maximum advantage of this blessing. Our scholars must keep themselves abreast with the latest because load of theoretical knowledge devoid of latest practical awareness can be self- defeating. But at the same time, dear student to remember that knowledge without humility and compassion only turn to vanity. We must always remain grounded and yet keep looking at the sky! 

God Bless You. Jai Hind.            




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